What's next?

In order to let you know in which direction we are heading, here is an overview of the next features and improvements that will be added to Tutoriux soon.

Scheduled for the Beta version:

  • New settings allowing you to customize your profile

  • Authors & members profile redesign

  • Mailing lists to keep you informed

  • Addition of an article approval system:

    • list of validation points (obligation and suggestion) required for approval;

    • tracking of pending approval requests on your profile.

  • Conversion of the mailbox into a discussion system:

    • only one topic per discussion with a direct link to the concerned article;

    • possibility to join a public ongoing discussion on an article;

    • possibility to invite many people to join the discussion.

  • List of necessary materials and suggestions for the realization of a guide

Scheduled for the Official version:

  • Different statistics displayed on author's profile

  • Video integration with Youtube

  • Ability to leave comments on draft documents to allow collaboration

  • Possibility to leave a comment at the end of guides article

  • List of seeked topics

  • List of positions to fill