What is Tutoriux?



Tutoriux is a platform specially built for the creation and publication of structured educational documents.

Whether you’re driven by personal interest or pure philanthropy, we invite you to share your knowledge on our site so that your knowledge can benefit everyone!

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Warning, Alpha version !

Tutoriux is currently available in Alpha version, which means that several features expected in the final product are missing and those already in place are subject to change.

Several important bugs may be present and we count on you to let us know.

Check out the roadmap to know what next!



Our Mission



"Our mission is to create the ideal tool to make knowledge accessible on a variety of topics in the best possible format."

We are actually light years away from reaching our goal and that is why we need your comments more than ever to improve our platform!



Our Vision



We strongly believe that the knowledge belongs to everyone.

As a result, we would like to make available as much free knowledge as possible. We would like to live in a world where everyone would be free and equal.

Promoting knowledge sharing is therefore our contribution in order to enable everyone to start with the same opportunities in this regard.




Why another guide and online course website?



Simply because we love to learn from all these articles and videos that help us to solve our problems, to answer our questions or just help us to improve ourselves!

So why not?

And believe it or not, almost all the knowledge that has been used to design this platform has been acquired on the web!




What Tutoriux has to offer?







A template collection is available to help you create beautiful and enjoyable documents.

The templates are pre-filled with fake text to give you a better idea of what your text will look like in the end.

Perfect for those with poor artistic skills!





A Media Manager


Our media manager allows you to manage your images, documents and videos in one place.

You can use its file system to classify your media and stay organized!

Several operations are available such as duplication, resizing, cropping, or credit allocation.





A navigable structure


Tutoriux offers a custom editor to easily create educational content with an hierarchical structure.

That let you organize your explanations in a logical sequence from a simple and effective way!







Easily annotate your images to better guide readers and give them extra information!





And even more!



We have tons of ideas to continually improve our platform,

Only time is missing ..!

Check out our roadmap to learn about upcoming features.




Your opinion matters to us



And your ideas are welcome, even the craziest!

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